Whether you are going on a weekend trip, a three day business trip, or traveling internationally for an extended period of time, what you pack or do not pack can have a significant impact on the outcome of your trip.

What to Pack when Traveling Abroad

Regardless of the destination or duration of your travel, you should consider packing articles that are versatile and adaptable.

Traveling Abroad

On Your Person

- Comfortable and appropriate footwear
- Cash in the destination Currency
- Passport & other personal Identification
- Country contact info
- Dummy/Throw-away wallet
- Business Cards
- Charge Card
- Transport tickets


- Medications
- Copies of passport and ID
- Vaccination certificates
- Prescription notes
- A change of clothes
- Map of destination
- Coat, rain coat or umbrella


Checked Bag

- Versatile and adaptable clothes
- Mobile phone charger and international adapters
- Toiletries
- 'Emergency-Bag,' see below

Checked Bags

The 'Emergency-Bag'

The 'Emergency-Bag' is a bag just big enough to accommodate personal security items and other belongings that will be of use to you should you need to evacuate your place of stay in a hurry. You can pre-pack your 'Emergency-Bag' with your personal security items before you travel; however, you should finish packing your 'Emergency-Bag' with other items, identified below, when you arrive at your destination.

Emergency Bags

Personal Security Items

- Flashlight and batteries
- Emergency foil blanket
- Personal attack alarm
- Compass or GPS
- Roll of duct tape
- Personal first aid kit
- Multi-use tool
- Smoke hood
- Door stop


- A hat (to block sun or for warmth)
- A change of clothes
- Extra pair of socks
- Light jacket, shell, or poncho
- Scarf or bandana

What to NOT Pack

Note that the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint. Below is a general list of items to NOT bring, click here to visit the TSA website for specifics.
- Drugs without a valid prescription note
- Unlabeled, non-prescription medication
- Illicit substances
- Fuels and Lubricants
- Alcohol
- Weapons
- Classified information
- Aerosols
- Pornography

What Pack Upon Arrival

- Address lists and contact numbers
- Filled water bottle or bottled water
- Transportation tickets
- Copies of passport and ID
- Meal bars or granola bars
- Cash

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