Art Verve Excursions does not include travel insurance for participants. However travel insurance is strongly recommended for any individual going overseas or traveling to other countries.

Medical Coverage

For coverage on medical coverage and assistance in foreign countries, including evacuation, medical supplies or medical monitoring, see the following sites.

Reputable companies include: International SOS
See the Insurance page for more information on travel's insurance.


For more information on which vaccinations to prior to travel, visit Traveler's Health.

Your Health


Note that the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint. Below is a general list of items to NOT bring, click here to visit the TSA website for specifics.

- Drugs without a valid prescription note
- Unlabeled, non-prescription medication


First Aid Kit

Put together a small first aid kit, it's worth it!

Make Your Own First Aid Kit

We recommend the following items:

- 1% hydrocortisone cream
- Antifungal ointments
- Antibacterial ointments
- Antiseptic wound cleanser
- Aloe gel for sunburns
- Insect bite treatment
- Anti-itch gel or cream
- Bandages
- Multiple sizes, gauze, & adhesive tape
- Moleskin or molefoam for blisters
- Elastic/compression bandage wrap
- For sprains and strains
- Disposable gloves
- Digital thermometer
- Scissors and safety pins
- Cotton swabs (Q-Tips)
- Tweezers
- Eye drops for dry eyes
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