Currency is a medium of exchange, such as money, banknotes, and coins. As you travel the rate may fluctuate. When you take out money from an ATM or pay with your credit card, you will be given the most current exchange rate that day.

Bringing USD (United States Dollars) is not the most convenient. No one will take USD in Europe and you will have to find somewhere to exchange your USD for Euros.

That means either waiting in line at a bank or using a cash exchange office.  You will find cash exchange offices conveniently located in the airport at the baggage claim but they charge the largest exchange fees.

The easiest way is to get money is to use your ATM card in one of the many locations in towns and cities across Europe.

As long as you know your pin number, funds will come right out of your bank account in euros based on the exchange rate that day. Most ATMs are typically secure and do not have interest fees. However there is a limit to how much you can take out each day most are around $300 to $500 USD.

Check with your bank prior to leaving to find out the daily limits. Also, let them know in advance where you are traveling and the dates so they don't think the card has been stolen or subject to fraud.

If you need more cash than the daily ATM limits, may want to take traveler's checks with you. Talk to your bank in advance they may not have them on hand and will have to order them for you.

ATMs are different than using your credit card to get a cash advance, credit card cash advances may come with heavy interest fees.

Exchange Rates

Check the Currency Exchange Rate to know how much your dollar is worth abroad before you go so you are not surprised. You may want to exchange your funds before you go.

Links to Currency Calculators: Currency Converter


The most commonly used currency in Europe is the euro; any country entering the European Union (EU) is expected to join the euro-zone when they meet the five convergence criteria.

The Euro (€)


The currency in Australia is the Australian dollar.

The Australian Dollar


The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian real.

The Brazilian Real

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