Art Supplies

Listing of basics for tools, supplies & kits to pack for traveling abroad.


To take notes or draw on the go, here is a small light weigh kit to bring.

Sketching Kit

Charcoal, preferred brands: ®Nitram HB or Winsor & Newton Vine Charcoal

Two clutch pencils, size 2mm, with HB lead and 4B lead, preferred brands: ®Staedtler Mars Technico Lead Holder (Size: 2 mm) OR ® Uni Mitsubishi Lead Holder

Sharpener, size 2mm, specialized for clutch pencils clutch pencils or small sheet of fine grit sand paper.

Vinyl Eraser, preferred brands: Tombow Mono Zero (Rectangular or Round), OR Tuff Stuff Eraser ® Paper Mate OR SEED SLENDY+

Two Pens: size .05 mm AND size .02 mm, preferred brands: Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

Small Pocket Sketchbook, size 3.5" x 5.5" or larger, preferred brands: Stillman & Birns softcover sketchbook, Alpha or Beta Series OR Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Book


Stacy Egan's small watercolor kit will fit into a fanny pack or a purse as shown below.

Stacy Egan's Travel Watercolor Kit

Watercolor Paint Set, preferred brand: Cotman Sketcher's Pocket Box comes with 12 pan colors (student grade). You can replace the student grade paints with artist grade paints, here is Stacy's recommended palette:

- Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium
- Daniel Smith New Gamboge
- Daniel Smith Transparent Pyrrol Orange
- DaVinci Red Rose Deep
- Daniel Smith Monte Amiata Natural Sienna
- DaVinci Burnt Sienna
- Daniel Smith Quinacridone Gold
- Daniel Smith Phthalo Green Blue Shade
- Daniel Smith Cobalt Teal Blue
- Holbein Cobalt Blue
- Holbein Ultramarine Deep
- Winsor Newton Payne's Gray

Sketchbook or paper, skechbook size 5"x5," preferred brand: Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Book (not shown) OR watercolor 100% cotton paper cut to 4"x6" or larger, variety of surfaces (cold press, hot press or soft press) preferred brands: Arches OR Fabrinano

Waterbrush, size large, preferred brand: Pentel Aqua Brush

Brushes, Travel or pocket brushes, Size 8 and Size 2. Preferred brand: Silver Black Velvet

Water Contains, size 2 oz. preferred brand: Nalgene

Small Water Sprayer, (Not shown here),  preferred brand: any

Pencil, size 0.7 mm, mechanical with HB lead,  preferred brand: any

Pens with black waterproof ink, preferred brands: Uni Ball Vision Micro OR Uni Ball Air Rollerball pen (0.7mm) OR Sakura Pigma Micron OR Faber Castell PITT® OR Sharpie pen

Contact Len Case with kneable eraser and white gouache

Paper Towel or Napkin for wiping excess paint from brush


If you are traveling with your paints it is recommended that you include a piece of paper in any zip lock bag with paints or attach a sign that says, "Fine Art Materials," this will help TSA or any customs agent recognize what this is if they are unfamiliar.

You may also print out any Material Data Sheet (MDS), if you are concerned. Each paint manufacturer has this data online. This will prove that it is airplane-safe.

Flammable & combustible materials are NOT permitted on any flight. We will be provide these for you if you are traveling overseas. These include: Liquin, Linseed Oil, Turpenoid, Mineral Spirits.

Also when flying, do not put any of your oil paint tubes in your carry-on luggage, put them in your 'checked baggage.'

Plein Air Oil Painting Kit

Oil paints, preferred brands: Winsor & Newton, Holbein, Gamblin,Old Holland or similar, recommended palette included: 
    - Titanium White
    - Lemon Yellow
    - Cadmium Yellow Light
    - Yellow Ochre
    - Cadmium Scarlet
    - Alizarin Crimson
    - Magenta, Ultramarine Blue
    - Cerulean Blue hue
    - Pthalo Green

      Brushes, small to medium size, assortment of Round, Flat, and Filbert shapes.

      Canvas panels and carrier, size 8"x10" OR 9"x12" and appropriate sized wet panel carrier

      Oil Paper, preferred brands: Arches OR Oil Paper Pad

      Small sketchbook, pencil and eraser, preferred brand: any 

      Pochade Box, preferred brand: any 

      Tripod, preferred brand: any 

      Backpack, preferred brand: any


      Small pastel kit to be used for sketching on the go or maybe used for plein air.

      Pastel Kit

      Pastels, size half sticks are best, small assortment of colors, preferred brands: Holbein, Conté or similar

      Pastel Pencils, small assortment of colors, preferred brands Faber-Castell PITT® Pencils OR Conté OR similar

      Sketchbook, paper or pad, size 8"x 10" OR 9"x 12" OR larger if you have a backpack, with toned paper, preferred brands: Global Arts Kona Classic Field Journal

      Vinyl or Kneadable Eraser, preferred brands: Tombow Mono Zero (Rectangular or Round), OR Tuff Stuff Eraser ® Paper Mate OR SEED SLENDY+
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